Monday, 22 January 2018

3-4am opinions just bc

Well hello there strangers!
It’s literally 3:02am as I type this and I have Fiction class at 9am 😭
...annnddd I have a beans
I hadn’t been on here in so long, in fact my last post was about going to uni and how happy I was. I’m now in my 3rd year of uni, and I mean most of it has been a good experience but...we’re gonna make that a but with capital letters...BUT i miss college so damn much!
It’s not that I hate my subjects, I still love studying them but uni has been a lot of stress. There’s so much pressure put on you around Christmas because there’s so many deadlines. I’m thankful that I have no exams to worry about, as that’s certainly something from college I do not miss! I’ve just found it a lot to deal with, and especially this year when i’m gonna have 45 pages for script due, 5,000 words for fiction and 20 poems- not mentioning the debate and 3,000 word essay due on the media side! I guess this post is just gonna be a rant lmao, I haven’t even planned it out properly. I’d love to start blogging again, it’s been so long. I did start a new blog and only made one post which I don’t think i’ll be linking beacuse i want a fresh new one ( and besides I don’t think i’ll be posting on there again anyway). Literally none of this is gonna make sense to me in the morning lmao i’ll probably regret this post. But ayeeee i’m gonna quickly discuss some shit that has happened since I last posted!

1.) Anthony left smosh!
I honestly had not been watching smosh too much just before this, and it really does hurt to say that.
Even still!
For some reason I was so embarassed to say that because of all the people who would be like OMG FAKE FANN!!!11 etc. Plus I still have the usernames that I don’t feel I want to change. However, all of this doesn’t change the fact that Ian and Anthony are both incredible people and I love them both still very much! I’ll still support them, and still watch the occasional smosh video, but it will never be the same as what it once was.
I still cried when Anthony said he was leaving
I mean I still had the f e e l s
I still cry everytime i watch the video of Ian and Anthony together discussing it. Its sad but aye things change, and it’s usually always for the best!

2.) Melanie Martinez was accused of being a rapist
Where does one even start on a topic like this?
I am t e r r i f i e d to talk about this anywhere because I hate fighting with people + arguments on twitter ain’t really what i’m all about.
So what is my opinion on this?
The truth is I honestly don’t know?
At first I was shocked like everyone else was...i cried scrolling through all the tweets about the situation. Rape is such a horrible thing to be accused of, and as much as I love Melanie, I needed to investigate a little before I could totally defend her. She may be a really talented person but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a shitty person, right?
 I know there has been a lot of proof since and maybe people are leaning more towards Mel’s side? There’s some proof on Mel’s side that seems to make sense, and proof that seems like people are reaching a bit.
No i didn’t trash her merch, no i didn’t delete her music, no I didn’t unfollow her etc.
This is the first time i’m making any sort of post about her, cause I just didn’t wanna talk about it. But with Mel being basically my favourite artist I at least wanted to say something.
I’ve seen people calling timothy all sorts, including slut/whore. I don’t agree with anyone calling her that, we don’t put women down like that- well I hope we don’t at least. The amount of sex she has has absolutely nothing to do with if she lied or not. A woman can still be a horrible person and we have every right to call them out for it-fair enough. However, it’s NOT okay to put a woman down by calling her a slut or whore.
I’m waiting for maybe more details on the situation before I possibly say any more.
But just so you know
Piggyback (Mel) -Amazing song!
Sleep (Timothy)- Amazing song!
For now yes I still will be supporting Melanie- but I am also open to Timothy’s side of the story. From experience I know full well there is always two sides to one story, and I KNOW how frustrating it is for people to only hear one side.
And one last thing...
I’m not about anyone sending hate to Timothy.
I’m not about anyone sending hate to Mel.
Especially death wtf?

3.) Logan Paul did a thing!
Pretty fuckin obvious at this point what Logan Paul has done lmao, it’s everywhere you look on Youtube- even making appearances in my media politics lecture.
You wanna know what I think?
Well to make it as short as possible-
It was a fucking awful idea to post that video
I don’t think he deserves having his youtube taken away. I’m glad he’s had some kind of punishment though.
I’m not a fan of Logan paul and I never even watched him to begin with. I think his fanbase are young teens anyway? I definitely don’t agree with some of the things he’s done, and I in no way AT ALL want to defend him- I just don’t think taking away his YouTube is the best idea...idk? Yeah he fucked up pretty bad, and its questionable if he should even be given another chance. I’d just like to hope he’d at least learned from the situation...maybe helped the victim’s family in some way? Maybe he should do something like that to show how TRULEY Sorry he is? Cause lets be honest, his apologies-especially the first- weren’t the best. But homestly, I never watched Logan in the first place so idk how much I can actually say on this?

4.) Shane Dawson got accused of being a pedo 🤔
I don’t even wanna get into this one, it’s just a waste of time cause Shane is
a pedo. He’s one of the sweetest and most genuine YouTubers I watch- it was just some jokes, which obviously I don’t wanna defend cause they were a little...edgy lmao...that were taken WAYYYY out of context. Comedy is subjective- some people would be offended by those jokes, some people probably not so much. It doesn’t mean you can twist them and say he’s a pedo?
The reason it annoyed me so much is that people on twitter were discussing it- people who don’t even know who shane was before the accusation- calling him all sorts. I’ve been watching Shane for so long and i’ve been there through ALL the edgy humour lmao. I know what his style of comedy was and what it is today. He’s grown and changed as a person- like all of us do. I mean looking back on posts i made on this blog i’m cringing so hard lmao- i’m glad i’ not that same cringey  person anymore. Well...i probably still am.

So there they opinions on just some of the stuff thats happened recently, and i must say it does feel good to let them FREEEEEEEE lmao. I may add:change this post if I think of anything else i’ve missed, but for now- thats it!
Thank you for reading lmao

Much love,
Xoxoxoxo <3

Friday, 14 August 2015


Hey there,
so um...
I did a thing?
I got enough UCAS points for university???

Okay okay, I really don't know how I managed it, but I got 320 UCAS points and now i'm going to university to study Creative Writing & Media...
I had 40 points from last year and got 280 this year (My results were BBC)
I was able to check UCAS track before I collected my results yesterday morning and I had been accepted :D I went to college after that to get my results and I was actually really surprised. I had been starting to think that I was only gonna get one B (which okay, that still would have got me into uni) but I really wanted 2 ^_^ so..I did it...i actually...omf

I'm gonna miss everyone from college so much :'( but hey, it's been fun ^_^ and uni could be even better! (and i'll try to keep you updated on that)

I just got an email from my English lit teacher who wants me to sign a re-mark form to see if I can get a higher grade on my English lit paper, but if I don't it doesn't really matter anyway :P But i just wanna stay at my computer all day :'( I don't wanna leave my house...ugh i'm lazy af.

but anyway, I just wanted to make this quick update and maybe expect a blog post...soon? Idk :P

Much love,
Laura xoxoxo

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Well...hello there O.o
How long has it been since I made a post now?
1 year? 2 years? 5?
lol jk ;)
It's been at least a year now and I don't really know why I stopped posting, I loved this blog. Maybe I just got SUPER lazy :P
I thought I would make this post while I've finished college. I'm unsure on if I should continue on this blog, but hey, I might do ^.^ Or at least every so often.

So yeah...I've finished college O.O
I met so many amazing people there and had the best tutors, so it was really hard to leave :/
I'm gonna miss it so much, but hopefully this year I get to go to university ^.^ All I need is good grades this year to go :D

So how has my 2015 been?
hmm....interesting to say the least :')

  • If you follow my Instagram, it's obvious that I got a new haircut :P

I had this done in February so i've had another haircut since this so I could get layers redone/trim on the fringe. I reaaaaalllllyyy love it so I think it's gonna stay for a while. :D I'm growing the length BUT i'm keeping it thinned down.
(mum wtf you doing in the background there?)
I don't think the second time that I had it done, that it was as good :/ My hairdresser was too bothered about talking to me rather than you know...actually CUTTING MY HAIR :') Buuuuuuttt i'll just get it redone's fine :P
(here's what it looks like now)

  • I decided to drop English Language and carry on with English Literature, Media and Sociology. :D I got the grades that I wanted to be able to carry on A levels :) You have to drop one subject at the end of your first year, which originally I was gonna choose English Lit BUT my teacher wanted me to stay and do hey that's what I did :P I don't regret it at all because instead of 'Wuthering Heights', this year I had to study 'The Woman in Black', 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' and 'Northanger Abbey.' Jfc I feel like i'm writing an essay here ahahaha ;)
  • I really actually enjoy doing media coursework (maybe not so much the written work) but the production part YES! I use pixlr for my work and it's AMAZING but very frustrating at the same time :/ But here's some of the stuff I produced this year for a horror film;

I really hope to get a good grade in media because I hope to study it at uni (along with creative writing ^.^) So pray for me ;D hahahaha
I do some pretty weird things when making things like this. Like that logo was made by me just zooming in, making random lines and zooming out :') I was actually just messing around but then I was like "OMG I actually really like it whAT"
It took me like 638462395729358923 years to find a red star that was suitable :')
Also I had a random name generator that I used for doing the names like i s2g :') 
But hey, i'm proud of this work ^.^
As I said there was some written work too, but I got to choose two films to compare :D
I did 'The Conjuring' and 'The Cabin in the Woods' and I have never written the two words 'invokes fear' in an essay so much in my entire life :')
  • I was supposed to be moving house but i'm not :P It's a lonnnngg story but i'm still feeling sad over it :/ and it sucks 
  • I started a manga collection in September and now i'm at just over 100 volumes... so yeah i've spent a LOT on it :') ---> (easier for me to give a link to the picture)
As you can see I already need a new bookshelf :P
So far I have;
Death Note volumes 1-12
Hatsune Mix
One Piece volumes 1-23
Pokémon B&W volumes 1-5
Pokémon XY volumes 1-2
Black Butler volumes 1-8
Blue Exorcist volumes 1-13
Sailor Moon volumes 1-9
Big Hero 6 vol 1
Akame Ga Kill volumes 1-2
Void's Enigmatic Mansion volume 1 (not sure if this counts though :P)
Deadman Wonderland volumes 1-8
Sword Art Online Fairy Dance volumes 1-3
Sword Art Online Progressive volumes 1-2
Zelda volumes 1-10 
Assassination Classroom volumes 1-4
Attack on Titan volume 1
No Game No life volume 1
Howl's moving castle volumes 1-2
Tokyo Ghoul volume 1

I may have some catching up to do but's a start :P

So...there you have it :P A mini-update on what i'm up to rn. Now that I have no exams to study for I am literally doing nothing :')
Video games/manga/anime/general inter-netting has taken over my life :P

I hope that I should make a post soonish? (by that I mean in like 1 years time ahahaha)
buuuuuut lets see how that goes xD

Much love,

Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

It's been a while...

Do you remember me?! haha :P ~Just in case you forgot~ I'm that really weird girl who obsesses over rainbow hair and key necklaces...

I think I should start off with an apology...I haven't posted on here in what feels like 23761895719764 years! It's been 4 days since I've sat my last AS exam, which was media.
Now i've finished my exams (but still have to go back to collge in 2 weeks which kinda sucks but whatever xD) I think I should make up for the lack of posting with a long-ish blog post!
SO... here goes!
A list of all the things that have happened since i've been away!...


So old one was...well...VERY broke :P
I can still use it, it's just that my home button is on screen >.< 
When there's only one button for everything, and that button is makes things a wee bit inconvenient! haha :P
I got this a few days after i broke mine as I already had money leftover and my mum and dad kindly put money towards it! :)

Just yesterday though, my computer decided to fuck it up and now i have to reset it >,< but other than that...things are all good ^.^ haha

  • I bought more key (and owl) necklaces!

Do I really need to say anything else here? ;D heh

  • I spent a lot of time (not) reading Wuthering Heights
Now don't get me wrong, I ADORE Wuthering Heights!
But having to study it for an exam, i gotta say, it really ruins it for you! :( aha
Plus...between me and you...Lockwood is a boring twat >.< ahahaha (oops oops oops) 

  • I also spent a lot of time REVISING :P (Obviously)

From being sent exam papers in the post to sitting at my desk for 83923892 hours at a time there was NO way I could get out of revising for these exams!

  • I practiced my eyeliner skills!

I don't really wear much makeup...but I always HAVE to wear eyeliner :') To me...eyeliner is an art! It actually fascinates me :) (and don't worry...I didn't go out in public with the eyeliner on the 1st picture...DAYUM XD)

So yes ^.^ I went to London with these AWESOME people! :)

It included: 

The Harry Potter studio tour!

Going to watch the lion king at the theater ^.^
Trying on hats!
Being a weirdo!

I have to say...London is an amazing place! :) I REALLLLYYY WANT TO GO BACK :'(

In terms of what I bought there...not much actually :(
I was going to, but I was more sight-seeing than shopping.
But one thing included this FABULOUS bag:
There's a shop there called Tokyo toys...
I was gonna get a zelda/pokemon hat...but I didn't :( worse choice ever right?!
(Don't worry ^.^ II'm gonna order them anyways...)

Plus I wore this blue dress:

(Fun fact: while taking this photo, I was only taking it for the Madonna, then I realised it was a mirror then started taking selfies...lmao)

ALSO in these toilets...which you know are GIRLS toilets...some (rather attractive) guy just strolls in to clean. I was so happy but shocked at the same time. He just smiled at me like "hey!" and handing me my ring I had put down for 1 second. I nearly died XD lmaaooo.

I'm just gonna answer one question some people may ask right I didn't see Dan and Phil :'( WAHHHHH! But I wish I had :'( :'( :'( 

So yeah, my overall London experience was amazing ^.^ Most of the time was spent running through the streets (Because me and my friends were often late for things aha) ...and drinking Starbucks while sightseeing ^.^ I rate it 47923847923865 out of 10 stars! (Would go again)

  • I made a fan page for Some Ordinary Gamers on instagram ^.^ 

YEP hahahaaha... xD go follow me :D ----> @/Sog_fanpage ...please? :)....
(i kinda forgot to screenshot my account...oop)

  • I read The Fault in Our Stars (and cried...alot)

So pretty much all of my friends had read it and I was just kind of like: "well i wanna...but idk."
My friend let me borrow it...i read it within a week and OMG



...I won't spoil it. But there's one line in that book...that just KILLLSSS me. >.< I've NEVER cried SO much at a book in my ENTIRE life. 
By all means read it...if you want to be ruined by a book that is.

Me and my friends are planning on going to watch the film and then go pizza hut...So i'll end up sobbing while eating pizza to try and cheer me up lmmao :P (looking forward to that!)

  • I made a magazine...kind of!

*sneak peek* heh heh ;P

It's completed now :) I had to make a front page, contents page, single-page article and double page article on a magazine of my choice for my media coursework. I chose spirituality, and I gotta say, even though it was rushed a little (typical Laura) lmao, I was quite proud of it ^.^

Here's just some of the pictures I included in it: (maybe i'll show you the real thing one day ahaha)

So yeah...hope that went well ^.^ aha. I skipped lunch printing off all my media coursework D: So i really hope that it did go well ahahahahaha.

  • My lip started bleeding so instead of actually going to clean it up...I took selfies...yeah...(Okay this list got too weird all of a sudden...

but they look cool...right? LOL


Thank you for taking the time to read this (hopefully you did anyways aha)
I know sometimes I get a little lazy....yeah....'little'

BUT ONCE AGAIN ^.^ THANK YOU! haha. I'll try to post more often...k?

Much love,

Laura xoxo

Friday, 21 February 2014

Update! ^.^

Hey guys! :)

How has your day been? Mine has been okay...i guess.
I woke up, grabbed my blue iPod touch (as i always do, first thing xD)
and the home button IS STUCK D:
I have at the moment got an alternative, BUT my dad is going to see what he can do with it (I'm actually handing it over to him rn haha), and hopefully it's fixable! :) So i'll keep you guys updated on that!

In other news...
Look who has fell fast asleep by me ^.^ awh
(sorry about bad lighting)
But this is my dog: Teddy bear! :) But you most likely already know him ;P (especially if you follow me on Instagram! haha)


I went to Ormskirk today and there was a charity shop selling I was obviously just like: "UHH...HELL YEAH!" and now I have more to add to my anime collection: total-ling 18 now! woop!
(I forgot to take a picture :'( wahhhh)

I also went to the dentist today :P which was scary hahaha...but i'm all good ^.^ so that went well!

Last time I posted I said that I "Might be going back to Southport"
AND I DID ^.^ woop!

It was only briefly... but omg GUYS
There is a jewellery shop that sells necklaces quite cheap...BUT THERE ARE SO MANY!
But obviously I couldn't :( haha

I did buy one though ^.^ Which I also forgot to take a picture of, so i'll post it in my next blog! :)

~Car selfies ftw~

...and there is also this... I seem so happy about the rain! haha

and i also stopped at yeah...argos selfie!!

On Wednesday I chalked my hair rainbow! :)

I usually get a smaller bit of hair to do this with, so this was a test ^.^ and it worked pretty well! I ADORE the rainbow hair and I literally cannot get over it <3

The rainbow will only last a day for me :( even if i left the chalk in all night, it would be gone by morning :( But its okay ^.^ It needed washing anyways!

I found this ADORABLE bow! :)

I bought this from Primark quite a while back now BUT ITS SO CUTE! :)

You might be seeing this bow for a while now! ;) hahahaha


hahaha ^.^

and some of you may have heard my awful voice for the first time! :D WOO!

I apologise for how AWKWARD I actually am, I usually don't talk on camera...but oh well ^.^ I felt like I should :P hehe. I found some questions online and was just like "yeahh....i'll do this"
I did have to keep my voice down a I apologise ^.^
but here is the link! :) --->
thankyouthankyouthankyou! :D

Look happy (I guess...?) Ian and Anthony look in their new frame! :D

I'm also still COMPLETELY obsessed with this Youtube channel:
Mutahar is amazing and if you haven't already, you seriously have to check him out! :) GAHH!

So that's it for now guys! :)
I guess i'll just go back to waiting for the new smosh video while re-watching older videos :D
So yeah ^.^ hahahaha

Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

(am i a kitty now? :D no...? okay D:)