Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Key necklaces! :)

I said that I would try to post everyday. So here I am again! :) For today, I really had NO idea what to post :') So I thought that I would make one about my necklaces, key necklaces that is!
I have many necklaces as I LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy them :') In particular, key necklaces are my favourite :) So far in my collection I have 8 :

(starting from the left) 
1. I got this one from a boutique in Wigan called Diamonds & Pearls :) (£5)
This one is SO big :') haha. I saw it while shopping with my friend. She was the one who pointed it out to me! I fell in love with it INSTANTLY *.* I just love the little snake that wraps around it and I have a snake bracelet which matches it and it just amazed me :) plus gold is my favourite colour ;) (hehe) ...however I didn't buy it that day. I knew my mum would go MAD if I spent the rest of my money on this necklace (as I have enough already) I went back at the weekend, after a talk with my mum, and bought it :)

2. I got this one from asda :) (£4---> now £2 >.<)
 I was out with my mum and dad when I saw this one :) It wasn't my favourite, but as it was a key necklace and was still quite pretty, I bought it :) but then like a week later, it was reduced to £2. Even though it was only a difference of £2, I was still unhappy -.-

3.  I forgot the name of the shop >.< (sorry!) (£1)
Ahh the cheapest one I own :) haha. This one isn't just a key necklace as it has other things on it too. But lets just focus on the fact it has 2 KEYS on it :D

4. I got this one from asda :) (£5)
Yet again I was out with my mum and dad when I saw this one ;D I had already seen it once before and kinnndaa wanted it. So a few days later, I ended up going and buying one ;D This was probably my 2nd key necklace and it kinda has a diamond missing *sigh* But it's only little so you can hardly notice :P

5. I got this one from the Heart foundation :) (charity shop) (£2.50)
This necklace has a great story to it and that's probably part of the reason its like my favourite one! :') First of all its rainbow (and if that isn't good alone) it was the last one in the shop. (As told with my 4th necklace) I had seen this many times and didn't buy it :/ it was £5 and I just didn't really wanna spend that. UNTIL ONE DAY they were having a HALF PRICE sale on the necklaces. I went to go and find it, realising i couldn't find it :( THEN i looked down and there was a hat that had fell on the floor...and in it WAS THE NECKLACE! I WAS SO HAPPY! :D

6. I got this one from forever 21 :) (£2.40)
So I was out shopping with my friends. I had been wanting to find forever 21 in Liverpool for AGES. After what felt like years, WE FOUND IT :D I walked around just trying to kind any necklace that was pretty ;) After walking nearly ALL round the shop, I got to the top floor where all the accessories where. I saw this one, looked at the price and I INSTANTLY knew I had to have it! I didn't think it would be that cheap :) This also has 2 KEYS! :D

7. I got this one from asda :) (£4)
I'm really hoping this one won't be reduced in a weeks time haha! This is my most recent one and i found it when i went asda with my dad :) After a few weeks passed, I gave in and went and bought it :) hehe

8. I got this one from Tesco :) (£4)
~This one was my first ever key necklace! However this one has unfortunetly broke :( *sniffle* But my dad is good at fixing necklaces, so as soon as I find the chain, i'll fix it :)~
My mum bought me this one :) I was going to a friends sleepover and I reeaalllyyy wanted this necklace, so she said she would buy it! (Thank you mum! <3)

SO that's it xD I just spent like half an hour writing this, and my computer died when i was nearly done so I thought I had lost all my work. THANK GOD I didn't :) hehe. So i'll try to post again tomorrow :D
Much love

Laura xoxo <3

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