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Stealing Kalel Cullen's style! :O

Hello again! :)
I thought that since I LOVE Kalel Cullen so much, I would HAVE to make at least one post about her!
She has recently made a new blog --->
She unfortunately no longer uploads on these channels but i still love them:
 Cozplai --->
Wonderland Wardrobe --->

As much as I love her new blog, I still really miss Wonderland Wardrobe as I LOVVEEEDD her fantasy style! :D
SO TODAY I thought that I would make a quick (heh maybe not so quick) list of some of the fantasy style inspired things I have picked up/made here and there!


Okaayy I know this isn't something I've picked up, NEVER MIND done (haha), but I fell in LOVE with her hair!!!! My mum said I could dye it that colour, but my problem is that I’M TOO SCARED! (haha)
I’ve never dyed my hair EVER and I really don’t want to damage it!

Special effects: She mixed both Iguana green and Fish bowl blue to dye it!


Special effects: Virgin Rose!

Haha I recently found an alternative to ACTUALLY dying your hair. *cheers*
You may be thinking “daffuuqq”
But yeah seriously, chalk works! It's a popular thing, plus it washes out really easy :) Here's a few pictures from when I chalked my hair:

     (RAINBOW! I know its not mermaid coloured hair, but its still really cool!)


~I could always upload a video on hair chalking and how to do it, if you really want me to :D~

  • Long Key Necklaces!

If you have read my first ever proper blog post, you would know that I am OBSESSED with key necklaces. I have one REALLY long key necklace, and some long-ish ones :)
(I got this one from asda- £5)

  • Other necklaces!
It doesn't just have to be a key necklace :) here are just a few others that I have picked up that I really like:

(starting from the left)
1. Owl necklace (Tesco £4)
2. Collar (Primark 50p ~it was in the sale haha~)
3. Heart necklace (Primark £2)
4. Asda (£3)
5. Heart necklace (Asda £5)

  • Mermaids nail polish!
This is Kalel's picture from when she still posted on her website:

Such a beautiful colour! :) 
UNFORTUNETLY I could only order this online from a different country and it was too expensive for me :(
So I bought this FABULOUS colour A LOT like it from claires accessories! :) (£2.25)

and a few other various teal nail polish's :)
(From the left)

1. Miss beauty (Wilkinson £1)
2. George-Under the sea (Asda £2)
3. (I got this one from a market in my local shopping centre!)

  • Bracelets!
Although I don't own as many bracelets as I do necklaces, I am still obsessed :) I only have a few which I would say fit into the fantasy style:

(Asda £5)
(the one that matches my snake key necklace :D hehe)

2. This gold bracelet!
I got this one from an antique fair :) It was only £2 and it was really cute!
  • Boots!
She made these really cute boots;

They were really pretty :) AND ALTHOUGH I didn't actually make them, I went out and seen a pair that was KINNDAA similar :P
(Primark £18)
(Also available in peacocks)

They're a little wrecked now.... *sobs* BUT I still continue to over-wear them to this day :)

  • Armbands!
I just love armbands! :) I went ahead and actually used her tutorial to make some of my own :)
I made a plain small one:
and two bigger ones :)  (I only decided to take a picture of just one. lol oops)

I also have this one which i wore to my schools leaving party :)
(I had this one made at a market)
It was supposed to go over a bun, but I asked at the market if the woman there would make one with teal and cream flowers, and i would wear it as an armband :) (It matched my dress so it was all good ;D)

~ I still have yet to make the spiked armband that Kalel made- I just need to collect a few things yet :) ~

  • Headbands!
Ahh :) I think I may be SLIGHTLY obsessed with hair accessories! Here are just a few I have:

1. SUCH A LOVELY SMILE IKR haha! I'm not really sure on whether this would fit into the fantasy style, BUT I like it, so pfft ;) why not!
(Primark-50p ~again. I got this in the sale!)
  (notice the little key necklace?) ;)

2. My favourite! :) I love this little flower headband :) I got it also at the marketplace along with my armband! (they match! :D)

3. The third AND FINAL fantasy style headband in my little collection :)
This one HURTS LIKE HELL D: but because its so CUTE. It HAS to be worn ;) hehe
It has little leaves that USUALLY just get lost in my extremely thick hair D: *cries*
~side note~ I got this BEFORE Kalel made her channel, so I didn't have Kalel in mind when I bought it :)
(primark-50p ~at least i think anyways xD I got this in the sale and that's all I know)

  • Leggings!
Okay I just added this one in REAALLYY quick :) 
In her video she had vinyl leggings--->

And I realised that I already had some that my brother bought me that looked KINDA like them :) Different colour, they are blue! but it is still the same style and material :)
(I got them from a market stall in my local shopping centre) :D

~ Sadly, these leggings are in the wash at the moment and as I took nearly all my photos today, I don't have a picture of them :( nooooo~

  • High heels!
I don't actually own very tall high heels like Kalel had, but I had some with a small heel on which I just thought I would add to this list :) because why not ;D hehe
(All of these were from asda :D ~such a shock haha!~)
(starting from the left)
1. (£10) 
2. (£10)
3. (£2.50) They were in the sale ;D ahaha i had to!

  • Dress!
I felt like this list needed a dress :) hehe! 
~side note~ Wonderland Wardrobe didn't exist when I bought this dress, so I didn't have Kalel in mind while buying it
This dress is SO pretty! :) I was just browsing in peacocks because they had a sale on and I came across this dress. :) I don't really know if it does fit in with the fantasy style, BUT I love it and just wanted to add it to the list :)
(Peacocks £9- sale)

  • Scarf
Okay I don't think she actually had a scarf ;D BUT I loved this blue scarf and just thought I would add it to the list :)
(Bowtique-St Helens)

  • Fancy rings!
I loved her snail ring she had :) I thought it was awesome! 

and ALTHOUGH I couldn't actually find one, I found a fox one, which I thought was pretty cool :)
(Asda- was meant to be £6 but it came up as £3 ~I WAS SO HAPPY!~)

  • Makeup!
Okayyyy this is the last one on the list :)
lets start with lipstick:
I've been loving this purple lipstick that I got from asda, it had been reduced to £1.50, so I bought it. I wasn't disappointed!

My TEAL mascarara. Yep! thats right! TEAL!
I saw this while out shopping with my mum and dad, it was £3 in Wilkinson and I just HAD to buy it! It does work really well!

Just simple black liquid eyeliner :) that is all :)
I also have a teal eyeliner, but as this blog post is already TOO long and i don't have a picture of it, I thought I would leave it for now :)

I cannot believe HOW MUCH TIME I just spent making this blog post :)
hehe I spent 3 HOURS!
just sitting at my computer and occasionally going away to take pictures and upload them :)
anyways, I hope you enjoyed! If I post tomorrow, it will probably be A LOT shorter! haha!
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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