Monday, 9 December 2013

My music playlist :)

I'm actually making this post earlier today! :)
WOOP! has NOT been my day at all!
Firstly I had to stay up till 2am last night just to do English coursework >.<
annndd then I couldn't sleep :(

I woke up as tired as ever and had to go to college and if that wasn't bad enough (hehe ;D) I felt quite ill all day :/
I do feel a lot better now but today was just not good at all >.<

BUT TODAY I thought I might make a post about my favourite songs that I've been listening to recently! :)
so here goes...

1. By the grace of God- Katy Perry

Can I just say how BEAUTIFUL this song ACTUALLY is :) I've decided i'm gonna learn it on Piano! :) (I'll get to that sometime :'D)

2. ANY song by the lovely Kate Nash!

I've loved Kate Nash's songs for a LONG time, but only recently, I became OBSESSED <3
She has three albums:
'Made of bricks'
'My best friend is you'
'Girl talk'

I've gotta say when it came to 'girl talk' she changed her style A LOT. HOWEVER I still ADORED it! :)
I can't pick one song of hers in particular that's AMAZING because they all are ;)
BUT IF I had to pick just a few, I would say these are her best:

  • Skeleton song (Made of bricks)
  • Mariella (Made of bricks)
  • Don't you want to share the guilt? (My best friend is you)
  • Early Christmas present (My best friend is you)
  • You were so far away (My best friend is you)
  • Part heart (Girl talk)
  • Are you there sweetheart (Girl talk)
  • Sister (Girl talk)
  • All talk (part heart)
Yeahhh, thats a few O.o i swear haha
But seriously, if you've never listened to Kate Nash, You should go do that :) RIGHT NOW!! :D

3. ANY song by smosh!

OF COURSE smosh had to be on this list :) I just recently downloaded the new album titled 'Sweet sound of smosh' :)

As I only downloaded this yesterday, I can't say I have listened to it properly yet HOWEVER these two guys NEVER fail to make me happy :) They made me feel so much better about doing homework at 2am :')

4. Last goodbye- Ke$ha

Okayy I actually bought this album like ALMOST a year ago, but you know what :) I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I am such a HUGE fan of Ke$ha and fell in love with this particular song ;D Again, this song is just so beautiful :) Even if you don't like Ke$ha, I would still say to give this song a listen :) 

5. For the love of a daughter- Demi Lovato

As with Ke$ha, I am also such a huge fan of Demi :) My obsession started in 2008 :') so yeah. Again, this song is really beautiful :) Really sad song, but for some reason I love sad songs :) haha i don't really know why!
I loved this song such much that I made a keyboard cover of it and uploaded it to youtube :)
Check it out if you like :) --->

6. Fire starter-Demi Lovato 

Of course I couldn't have JUST ONE Demi song on here :) This one is from her latest album titled 'Demi' and its just so...bad-ass ;) haha!

7. Fast in my car- Paramore
Ahh :) I just LOVE Paramore. Especially their latest album :) This song is probably one of my favourites ;) so of course THIS is on the list :D

8. Crazy- Gnarls Barkley

I only just started listening to this song again after so many years! I used to OBSESS Over this song SO much as a kid :) hehe. Annnddd....i'm addicted again O.O lol oops

That seems like a pretty good place to bring this list to an end :)
So there you have it, just A FEW of the songs that i have been listening to RECENTLY.
I don't really go for one genre of music, I just like any music in general :)
I mean on my iTunes I have Nicki  Minaj, Paramore, Justin Bieber (Even though I don't like him any more)  and then Evanescene (and many more artists)
I guess i just love music a little TOO MUCH
haha oops! Does that make me craaaaaazyyyyyyyyyy??????
Anywayysss.... I won't make this any more boring than it needs to be xD
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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