Friday, 13 December 2013

I'm ill :(

Hey again :)
Yes i'm actually gonna post today! :) haha I was deciding whether to or not, but meh, I decided to ;D
You know I was saying I felt quite ill?
Well today it was like 67456 times worse >.<
terrible sore throat, cold, know how it is!
~but anyways~

I didn't know if I was gonna post due to the fact that I would have to be sitting at my computer BUTTT I really wanted to post today :) hehe
I do feel A LOT better right now (800 tablets/cough sweets later! hahaha jkjkjkjk)
and just hoping that it will be gone pretty much by tomorrow :')
A lot of people got ill in October and I was just there like "YES! I didn't get ill WOOP!"
I think its just tryna get me back for that O.o haha oops!

I don't really have much else to post :/ But as I have already said, I have some awesome things to post :) As soon as I feel better and all my exams are over and coursework done :P A-levels are hard work >.< haha

But anyways, i'm hoping that everyone else is feeling a lot better than I do! xD haha
I should be okay soon though :P
I'll try posting tomorrow! :D
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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