Sunday, 22 December 2013

DIY Key Necklace!

Hey there guys! ^_^
I'm gonna make this post earlier today :D I'm just so tired...and..zzzzzzzz
i'm sorry WHAT
hahaha ;) For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to tidy at 2am
nooooooooooooooooope >.<
After realising that my post about my key necklaces was SO popular :) (its my most viewed page hehe)
I would make a quick(ish) post about how you can make one of your own :)

Do you remember ever having those keys you got with that diary that 'locked'?
Haha these things never worked as I could STILL open the diary just enough to see what was written at at least on the first page :') what a fat load of good hahaha!
BUT we can still use it :)
ermm... yeah...a key necklace ^.^ haha

All you will need is:

  • Diary keys

  •  Spare chain/rope 
I was lucky enough to have a spare chain for this :) 

 So all you will need to do is put your keys onto the necklace (PRETTY simple, right? xD)
 I removed one of the keys so I just had the one :)

 My chain was a LITTLE long so I put a knot in the back. :) This necklace looks so cute!
 You could always hook extra things on
Here I added a ring that no longer fits me :)
 No idea why I added a shoe charm o.O but that's all I could find lying around in the way of charms :') haha but it's just an idea :)

Probably THE most simple DIY out there :) haha. That's what I love about it though :) it's just so simple, and you can make it unique by just adding YOUR own things :) whether it be a shoe charm (hahahaha idk) or anything else :) I understand that its not THE best key necklace and you would probably sooner go and buy one, but I think it does look quite cute :) Especially if you want just a little necklace (COMPARED TO MY SNAKE KEY NECKLACE xD ITS SO BIG hahaha ;D)
I plan on making more (and better!) DIY's in the future as this was just a quick and easy one :)
I hope you enjoyed this and maybe even consider making your own ^.^
and if you haven't already, go check out my post on key necklaces :) --->
Each one has a story :) hahaha
~Promoting key necklaces one step at a time ;) ahahaha~
But anyways... bye for now! :) Good night!
Much love

Laura xoxo <3

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