Monday, 17 February 2014

I'm so lazy!

Hey guys :)
So its morning for me :P right now its 10:58 and i'm just too lazy!
I'm literally still in my pyjamas, at the end of my bed with my laptop typing this :P haha

My mum and dad will be up at like 8:00am and i'll just be like "Noooo....leave meee" haha :')
Then i will wake up again at like 9ish and then just stay in bed watching YouTube and listening to Kate Nash *hangs head in shame*

I wanted to post yesterday but I was MUCH too lazy for that :')
hahaha I actually had quite a bit to do and figured it may be better if I left it till morning :P

So yesterday...
I went to Southport! (I didn't actually get out and walk around tho like I usually do :( Thats why the picture was took in the car haha)


and then here is me...just casually reapplying lipstick in the car! haha

~I then moved on to Tesco! :)~

I bought this cute candle there for £2.50 :D

If there is a chocolate option for something, I have to say I most likely won't go for it (sorry Dx) BUT this candle, which i expected to be disgusting, smelt GORGEOUS! It actually kinda smells like a perfume ^.^ SO NICE! I plan on getting other ones sometime :D

(and here is the unboxed version ahahah)


I also went to Asda and got this frame ^.^ (75p)
It was in the sale, and it was much needed.
This is my old frame for Ian and Anthony:

The old frame had been dropped, damaged quite badly and at one point had to be super glued.
So's seen better days xD haha. I've not got round to switching the frames yet, but i'll do that soon :)

so yeah :)
There is not much else I can say now...apart from the fact that I re-painted my nails! :)
Its been long overdue as I usually do them every Sunday...but oh well ^.^

Okay ^.^ so that is my little update :D
hope everyone is doing well! ^.^

I might be going to Southport again today :D so that will be fun!

much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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