Monday, 30 December 2013

*Shopping Haul!*

Hey guys!
I know I haven't posted in a few days, and i'm sorry :'(
I've been NON STOP shopping :') haha
SO I THOUGHT that I would make a Haul blog post :)
I wanted to make it a video
SO Here is a list of the things I have bought over the last 3 days :)

I have bought from Asda, Next, New look, Wilkinsons and Ryman!
*Note* I started out buying in just the sales, then I was like NOOOPPPEE xD and started buying things full price :')

ON THE FIRST DAY OF SALE SHOPPING i'm not doing that :') hahahaha

I bought the top (and the necklace ~keep scrolling for more info on that haha~) both from asda :) It was only £8 ^.^ Going through my pictures, I realised that I only took this photo Dx i forgot to take a picture of JUST the top. BUT whoops XD you can now see my ugly face! *cheers*

I bought the top, the necklace and the shoes from asda :) (keep scrolling for more info on them :) haha

So this was the top! :) It wasn't in the sale >.< WAHHHH. BUT IT WAS SO PRETTY AND I HAD TO HAVE IT :D (£10)

Ahh these boots are so beautiful! :) At only £20, they are perfect :) I had been wanting boots like these for A WHILE! :D

I have a few owl necklaces BUT I REALISED that I didn't actually have a LONG owl necklace :') haha. As this one was in the sale for £3 I just HAD HAD HAD to have it :)

This necklace is so cute! :) (This is from the first picture)
My mum actually picked this one out and it was only £3 so I was like "YEAHHH i'll have it!" haha ;)

This one is so cute too! I had seen it before for £6 and I was just kinda like "NOOOO" >.< cause I didn't want to spend TOO much on a necklace. BUT I seen this in the sale for £3 and at that exact moment I KNEW that it had to be mine! <3 hahahahaha. PLUS It matches my ring ^.^

(kinda boring really i'm sorry!) :( BUT I have these tights in purple, so I decided to buy a blue pair :) I've been wearing skirts and tights A LOT more recently, so this was perfect :) As you can see, it was £5 :P haha


Next is such an expensive store >.<

Tbh I didn't find much I wanted in the sale

It was the last one in my size ^.^ SO lucky! hehe :3 (£10)

A perfume and a spray ^.^
I actually got the perfume last year and LOVED it :)
So I went to search for it ANNNDDDD I FOUND IT :D
I also found this year that they had a spray of it too. So i bought both :') haha
spray (£3.50)

Perfume (£7.50)
 ~lolol u can see me taking the pic ;)~


New look:
*Note* I didn;t buy too much from New Look >.< They're still expensive even for the sale items xD haha

OKAY these leggings weren't TOO bad xP They were only £4 and I got these AFTER I had already done my shopping there xD I had to go back AND THE SAME WOMAN SERVED ME OHHH THE SHAME TEHHHHH SHHAAAMMMMEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHA she saw me not even able to make it out the store, BEFORE getting distracted by leggings in the sale XD AHAHAHAHA

(Okay i know its only one shoe. lololol I was too lazy to get the other for the picture :'D)
I have been eyeing these up FOR AGGEEESSSSSS!
They would of been £20, BUT they were £8 :)

Kinndaaaa dark :/ BUT I haven't had jeggings like these in years! ^.^ And even when I did, they were only Primark quality. SO I THOUGHT I would bring back my year 8 days and wear them again :') haha


I only went here just to get my diary for 2014 :') haha! (£1.50)
*Five year old voice* IT HAS A DOGGY ON IT YAY!

I only went here to get my SUPER cute calendar ^.^
It's from the Kimmidoll collection!
(So kawaiiiii!!!)
My mum had been telling me about this one, and it was still full price just the day before :P haha
I got this at half price! (£3)

As I said I REALLYY wanted to make this a video, BUT I just look terrible guys! hahaha >.<
Hope you enjoyed! :)
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds!

Hey guys!
I know i said i would post yesterday, and i'm sorry I didn't :(
I wanted to make a post about the presents I got (Thank you family + friends ^.^ hehe)
and one about A link between worlds
BUT as I got it with the gold ds, I had a download code, and it didn't work ALL that day :'(
I guess it was just busy due to everyone being on the site on Christmas day!
BUT FORTUNATELY super mum saved it this morning! :) She worked it out and I have spent about 80% of the day playing it! :)
I kinda just lost heart with making my posts i guess :( plus family didn't want me on my computer for ages :(
and i'm sorry I haven't made two posts yet, BUT DO NOT WORRY! :)

Okay so after one day of playing this AMAZING game, I feel like I can write a little review to the people who maybe are thinking about getting it or the people just wondering what its like :)
I WAS REALLY GUTTED that I didn't get the game box but to get the gold ds (my favourite colour!)
That meant just having to just download it :( *sigh*
If you loved all the old Zelda games (gameboy style)
then you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this! :)
It's like a much newer version of the old zelda games! :)
I felt like the first Zelda game for the 3ds, while still being just as awesome, was a bit slower pace, whereas his game just gets straight into the action! :)
I've made my mum jealous too haha ;) she used to play all the old zelda games, along with my brother because they were huge gaming fans :)
Then here I am YEARS later, playing this one :)
I gotta say I LOVE THIS GAME SO FAR! :)
better than I expected to be honest!

*note* my old red 3ds xl I have kindly donated to my mum :) she had the aqua 3ds and really wanted the bigger ds :) FAREWELL RED DS! ITS BEEN NICE SHARING ANIMAL CROSSING EXPERIENCES WITH YOU! haha :)

I haven't uploaded an pictures and i'm sorry :(
It's getting quite late and I have A LOT to tidy :(
I'll most probably post tomorrow though!
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Things that make Christmas....well Christmas ^__^

Hey again guys!
Ughh how perfect is Kalel I s2g <3 haha :P

I've decided that i'm gonna post twice tomorrow, because i'll have more to talk about then :)

How is your Christmas eve going? :P I've just been on my computer like all day >.< haha so I thought I would make my blog post for today :)
Today's topic is just gonna be about my favourite Christmassy things :) goes :)

1. Quality street/ roses/ any christmassy chocolate!
Lets be honest, it wouldn't be Christmas without those chocolate selection tins/ boxes! :)
The only thing i hate is when all the crappy ones are left !>.<! haha (like the coconut, nuts etc...)
My favourite is most definitely the orange cream *.* GAH

2. Christmas films!
Ahh :) They always have the best films on at Christmas (even if its not a Christmas film) It could even be Finding nemo and I will still be happy ^.^ (its on rn ;) aha)
Home alone will always be my favourite :')

3. Decorations!

Whether it be the decorations outside the house or inside, they are beautiful! :) There's a house around by where I live that must be THE most decorated house EVER! haha! But we always have to drive past it near Christmas time, it's so beautiful!

4. Snow!
Okay it actually hasn't snowed for me yet :( *sad face forever*
But i hope it does ^.^
It has snowed every year for the last (i think) 4 years ^.^
It never fails to amaze me <3
The only thing is that when it starts melting it turns into a slushy ice that nobody can walk on :( *especially in heels haha* (i ended up falling in front of a big group of people) *cringe*

5. Scented candles!
This one would probably fit under decorations, but as scented candles are my NEW obsession <3 I thought I would add this one as an extra :)
My favourite is one you can get in asda under the name of 'Apple and spice'
SUCH a lovely candle :) gahh. It's like Christmas in a glass!
I bought one in this fancy glass, but i used it TOO much and it went really quickly :'( r.i.p!

6. Christmas music!

You really know it's Christmas when your teachers go on youtube to find Christmas music for you ^.^ I think that's the only time I listen to it. That and Christmas day :) So i don't really listen to it BUT it just makes Christmas feel more...well christmassy ;D

7. Staying up late to catch a glimpse of Santa ;)

Okay i NEVER actually did this as a kid >.< I thought that Santa wouldn't deliver my presents because I was up :( haha! Although i did look out my window (when it was like 7:00pm) hahaha!

8. The food!

Okay last thing on the list goes to the food :) haha of course!
Being vegetarian, I eat the Quorn family roast:

Quorn is literally the best thing ever! :) so nice!
BUT as I am the only vegetarian in the house :( *sigh* I have to eat it all over time
So its not quite that 'family' roast x'D

SO there you have it
My list of christmassy things! :)
I hope you have an amazing Christmas and get everything you wished for! :)
I'll be posting twice tomorrow! (what? i really don't know) BUT it's happening! :P
Much love and goodnight!

Laura xoxo <3

Monday, 23 December 2013

My Youtube!

Hey again guys! :)
Only 2 days to Christmas and I'm getting so excited ^.^ omgomgomgomgomg
Haha I'm literally typing this in my living room :D My mum is here too (playing Xbox like always haha)
I thought I would also make today's post earlier because why not xP

Well today's topic is about my YouTube channel :)
I only have one video on there and I want to do so much more with it :'(
I wanna make vlogs and maybe other stuff too ^.^

  • Diy's?
  • Haul's?
  • More piano videos?

I just wanna know your opinions :) and if you have any other suggestions that would be awesome ^.^
I could start it in the start of the new year or something :D

I've been thinking about this for a while cause I really wanna make an awesome YouTube channel :)
I might change up a few things ^.^ Not to worry, just a few things like an actual banner for my channel :') and a different picture :)
*NOTE* It won't effect me posting on my blog either :) tbh i might end up posting on it more :') (I know i skipped a few days, i'm sorry D:)
Anyways, I hope you're all doing well :)
I still plan to post twice, not sure whether the 24th or 25th ^.^
But look forward to that!
Bye for now!
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

Sunday, 22 December 2013

DIY Key Necklace!

Hey there guys! ^_^
I'm gonna make this post earlier today :D I'm just so tired...and..zzzzzzzz
i'm sorry WHAT
hahaha ;) For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to tidy at 2am
nooooooooooooooooope >.<
After realising that my post about my key necklaces was SO popular :) (its my most viewed page hehe)
I would make a quick(ish) post about how you can make one of your own :)

Do you remember ever having those keys you got with that diary that 'locked'?
Haha these things never worked as I could STILL open the diary just enough to see what was written at at least on the first page :') what a fat load of good hahaha!
BUT we can still use it :)
ermm... yeah...a key necklace ^.^ haha

All you will need is:

  • Diary keys

  •  Spare chain/rope 
I was lucky enough to have a spare chain for this :) 

 So all you will need to do is put your keys onto the necklace (PRETTY simple, right? xD)
 I removed one of the keys so I just had the one :)

 My chain was a LITTLE long so I put a knot in the back. :) This necklace looks so cute!
 You could always hook extra things on
Here I added a ring that no longer fits me :)
 No idea why I added a shoe charm o.O but that's all I could find lying around in the way of charms :') haha but it's just an idea :)

Probably THE most simple DIY out there :) haha. That's what I love about it though :) it's just so simple, and you can make it unique by just adding YOUR own things :) whether it be a shoe charm (hahahaha idk) or anything else :) I understand that its not THE best key necklace and you would probably sooner go and buy one, but I think it does look quite cute :) Especially if you want just a little necklace (COMPARED TO MY SNAKE KEY NECKLACE xD ITS SO BIG hahaha ;D)
I plan on making more (and better!) DIY's in the future as this was just a quick and easy one :)
I hope you enjoyed this and maybe even consider making your own ^.^
and if you haven't already, go check out my post on key necklaces :) --->
Each one has a story :) hahaha
~Promoting key necklaces one step at a time ;) ahahaha~
But anyways... bye for now! :) Good night!
Much love

Laura xoxo <3

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Hey there again guys! :)

~~~As you may of noticed, I changed the style up a little bit :)
I had a bit of time in the afternoon so I was just like
(yeah great choice Laura haha)
I don't plan on keeping it like this, I was just experimenting with it :)
At one point I changed the title colour to the same colour as my background (hahaha idiot) and I was just like
The colours will stay for a bit :) But then I most probably end up changing it again :') hahahaha~~~

Okay so i'm gonna talk about a few things in todays blog post :) so here goes...


So basically, the Trafford Centre is a place in Manchester :) I had NEVER been but ALLWAAYYSS wanted to go cause I heard it was soooo good :D
So when my college announced they were either letting us go to Manchester markets or the Trafford Centre
I KNEW where I had to go ;) hehe.
I didn't buy too much, but as I did mention briefly in my last post, I BOUGHT ANOTHER KEY NECKLACE :D GAHH
This little beauty was one my friend picked out :) She knew I would love it so she was just like "Hey Laura! I found a key!" I was so happy :) haha. It was the only one so i was just like.... HELL YEAH
(Forever 21 £3.90)

While on my travels I saw (also mentioned in my last blog post)
Seriously! Me and my friends were walking past this toy store (which we stopped and decided we HAD to go in ;) hehe) and there he was! :D He was flying around in a circle and I was so amazed! haha :)
I'm actually considering going to buy him :) I did my research when I got home and learned that he was only £10 :) Looks like I gotta go and get one! :D haha
I unfortunately did not get a picture of him :( He was flying around TOO fast :'( WAHHHHH

The only other things I bought was lunch (cheese toastie from subway ^.^ yum!), a can of fanta
AND THESE THREE beauties :)
(Boots £2 each with a 3 for 2 offer)

These sprays are beautiful :)
(sorry for the crappy lighting ahahahaha)
But starting from the left (as always ;) hehe)

  • Wild strawberry body spray
Can I just say how beautiful this spray is :) It smells so nice :D and its so fruity! (ofc) It just like summer in a bottle :) haha

  • Ice musk body spray
This was the first boots spray I ever smelt :) My mum always buys it so one day I did :) and i've been buying it ever since! So beautiful :)

  • Mango & Papaya
This one is gorgeous :) I had actually never bought this one before :O My friend had but I never actually had. But I was just like "ahh what the frick" and just went with it ^.^ glad I did!

So overall, that was pretty good :) As for the sprays, I usually buy one called 'Sea minerals' as it is probably THE NICEST one :) But they never seem to have it any more :( *cries* It's always sold out.
~Sidenote~ Unless you REALLY like vanilla. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT go for the vanilla scented one :( It's so horrible and theres ALWAYS plenty of them on the shelf :/ (surprise surprise lololololol)

I literally fangirled SO hard to my friend. She's just a big a smosh fan as me and she was just like..."pffft. We'll never meet him"
My dreams were crushed :(
I do live in the UK, but London is SO far away from me and i've NEVER been :'( I reeeaallllyy wish I could of seen him :(
HOWEVER in 4 months time, I am going to London myself with my college :)
I think i'm going to the same museum as expect EXTREME fangirling in 4 months time ;)
heh heh!
(dayyummm just 4 months earlier. GODDAMMIT COLLEGE)

So my friends thought it would be a good idea to do a formal thursday (which happened to be our last day of college before the Christmas holidays :)

So I didn't actually take as many pictures for my blog as I wanted to xD I kinda just came home and was like "yeah okay. pj's time
I had took some and meant to take more, then when I was sitting in my living room in my pj's I was just like
I'll work with what I got :)

So here's the dress I wore :) It's so pretty and I love it :D
Dress (Asda £4 in the sale)
{I originally saw this dress for £16 in asda A LONG time ago and I wanted it, BUTTT i picked another one over it :(
THEN ages later, I saw it in the sale for £4
I was actually shocked!
I was just like "Yeah okay...i'll take this!" hahaha. 

Cardigan (Asda £10)

The necklace is actually quite weird :') My mum's friend bought her some stupid plastic Christmas accessories a while back, she gave them to me and I was just laughing at the cheapness of them.

BUT I didn't actually mind this silver one THAT much :) and I thought that as long as no one felt it
I WAS ALL GOOD XD It kind went with the dress so it was all good :)

I also wore my snake bracelet (Previously talked about in my blog post: Stealing Kalel Cullen's style!!)
  and a few other bracelets :) along with my fox ring! (also in the post)

AS the rule was to wear something red as well (because its festive :D) 
I wore this red bow I got from peacocks (sorry Dx I forgot the price)

Makeup wise, I only wore my purple lipstick (also mentioned in the same blog post xD)

For shoes, WELL THE SHOES D:
I have a fair amount to walk when I get off the bus BUT FOR SOME REASON...
They were only small heels (They were the blues ones I also mentioned in that blog post)
and by the end of the day I was getting pretty good at walking in them ^.^ woo

The only other thing were black tights :) that were bought from asda :P haha

AS for my hair, I NEVER wear it up, so I went with this REALLY simple to do, and cute style ^.^ It literally takes about 10 seconds and you may be able to work out how I did it just by looking at the picture :') but oh well

I was so happy at how it turned out :)
So I can say that formal Thursday turned out PRETTY GOOD :D

OKAY so that was just a little updating on what has happened and my thoughts on things xD (still sighing at my college about that London trip)
It's getting quite late and i want tea -__- hahaha so I will go get that right now :D

So I hope everyone's doing okay :)
I literally had to get a quick bath before I did this, and I was late with that so that means i'm late with this D:

bye for now!
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

Friday, 20 December 2013


I had a few problems :/
I wanted to write a DECENT narrative for my English coursework. I already had my plan and I had wrote it a few weeks before it had to be in. THEN THE DAY BEFORE I HAD TO HAND IT IN I just hated it. It felt like THE most boring narrative I HAD ever written and I was SO unhappy. So with the fact that I hadn't wrote my commentary, I wrote another :D I was so much more happy with it and i even wrote a decent commentary ^.^ As it is only my first draft, I feel that it can be improved BUT I am much more happy with it than my other one :)
(I might even post it if you want me to ^.^ haha idk.)
I posted the first paragraph on instagram so you could always check it out and see if you want to read on :D

BUT YEAH Other than that I bought...


Hell yeah ;) 

I wanna make a post about my trip that I had to the Trafford Centre in Manchester that was on Wednesday :) So maybe I will
~Sidenote~ I FOUND HAPPY COW :D i was so um....happy ;) haha.

So yeah, sorry I haven't posted i a lickle bit :( Exams and coursework are so stressful, then my dads car broke down AND both of my parents are ill :( So sad.


I think I can finally make more posts from now on :) haha! 

If you were wondering, I STILL have a plan to post twice in one day :) (maybe the 24th or 25th hehe ;D)

but anyways.... 5 days till christmas! I'M SO EXCITED ^.^ GAHHHH

:) I will post tomorrow so look forward to that ^.^
I hope everyone is doing well ^.^ and yeah, I have returned (again) ahahaha i know i'm terrible xD (sorry!)
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

Friday, 13 December 2013

I'm ill :(

Hey again :)
Yes i'm actually gonna post today! :) haha I was deciding whether to or not, but meh, I decided to ;D
You know I was saying I felt quite ill?
Well today it was like 67456 times worse >.<
terrible sore throat, cold, know how it is!
~but anyways~

I didn't know if I was gonna post due to the fact that I would have to be sitting at my computer BUTTT I really wanted to post today :) hehe
I do feel A LOT better right now (800 tablets/cough sweets later! hahaha jkjkjkjk)
and just hoping that it will be gone pretty much by tomorrow :')
A lot of people got ill in October and I was just there like "YES! I didn't get ill WOOP!"
I think its just tryna get me back for that O.o haha oops!

I don't really have much else to post :/ But as I have already said, I have some awesome things to post :) As soon as I feel better and all my exams are over and coursework done :P A-levels are hard work >.< haha

But anyways, i'm hoping that everyone else is feeling a lot better than I do! xD haha
I should be okay soon though :P
I'll try posting tomorrow! :D
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

Thursday, 12 December 2013

I have returned :)

I'm baccccccck!!!!!
Haha sorry for not posting yesterday :P
Don't worry I haven't given up on this blog! (yet, lol jkjkjkjk)

I was gonna post yesterday, buuuttttt I had a mock exam that I had to revise for and I felt quite ill :(
BUT DON'T WORRY :) I'm gonna make two posts in one day sometime next week to make it up to you's!

If you were wondering how my exam went, yeah it went great! :) So hopefully I passed!
I just have ONE MORE exam to do, a bit of coursework and then CHRISTMAS BREAK :D
where I will try to post everyday again if I can :)
With my last post I stated that I was doing so well with posting everyday...maybe I spoke too soon O.O

So this post was just an update on whats going on, and mainly to let you know i'm not giving up on it or anything :') haha I was just quite busy.

Sooo there you have it....i'm not dead :P hehe

I will try to post tomorrow, just bear with me, hehe :3 (I just have an awkward week >.<)
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3