Thursday, 25 June 2015


Well...hello there O.o
How long has it been since I made a post now?
1 year? 2 years? 5?
lol jk ;)
It's been at least a year now and I don't really know why I stopped posting, I loved this blog. Maybe I just got SUPER lazy :P
I thought I would make this post while I've finished college. I'm unsure on if I should continue on this blog, but hey, I might do ^.^ Or at least every so often.

So yeah...I've finished college O.O
I met so many amazing people there and had the best tutors, so it was really hard to leave :/
I'm gonna miss it so much, but hopefully this year I get to go to university ^.^ All I need is good grades this year to go :D

So how has my 2015 been?
hmm....interesting to say the least :')

  • If you follow my Instagram, it's obvious that I got a new haircut :P

I had this done in February so i've had another haircut since this so I could get layers redone/trim on the fringe. I reaaaaalllllyyy love it so I think it's gonna stay for a while. :D I'm growing the length BUT i'm keeping it thinned down.
(mum wtf you doing in the background there?)
I don't think the second time that I had it done, that it was as good :/ My hairdresser was too bothered about talking to me rather than you know...actually CUTTING MY HAIR :') Buuuuuuttt i'll just get it redone's fine :P
(here's what it looks like now)

  • I decided to drop English Language and carry on with English Literature, Media and Sociology. :D I got the grades that I wanted to be able to carry on A levels :) You have to drop one subject at the end of your first year, which originally I was gonna choose English Lit BUT my teacher wanted me to stay and do hey that's what I did :P I don't regret it at all because instead of 'Wuthering Heights', this year I had to study 'The Woman in Black', 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' and 'Northanger Abbey.' Jfc I feel like i'm writing an essay here ahahaha ;)
  • I really actually enjoy doing media coursework (maybe not so much the written work) but the production part YES! I use pixlr for my work and it's AMAZING but very frustrating at the same time :/ But here's some of the stuff I produced this year for a horror film;

I really hope to get a good grade in media because I hope to study it at uni (along with creative writing ^.^) So pray for me ;D hahahaha
I do some pretty weird things when making things like this. Like that logo was made by me just zooming in, making random lines and zooming out :') I was actually just messing around but then I was like "OMG I actually really like it whAT"
It took me like 638462395729358923 years to find a red star that was suitable :')
Also I had a random name generator that I used for doing the names like i s2g :') 
But hey, i'm proud of this work ^.^
As I said there was some written work too, but I got to choose two films to compare :D
I did 'The Conjuring' and 'The Cabin in the Woods' and I have never written the two words 'invokes fear' in an essay so much in my entire life :')
  • I was supposed to be moving house but i'm not :P It's a lonnnngg story but i'm still feeling sad over it :/ and it sucks 
  • I started a manga collection in September and now i'm at just over 100 volumes... so yeah i've spent a LOT on it :') ---> (easier for me to give a link to the picture)
As you can see I already need a new bookshelf :P
So far I have;
Death Note volumes 1-12
Hatsune Mix
One Piece volumes 1-23
Pokémon B&W volumes 1-5
Pokémon XY volumes 1-2
Black Butler volumes 1-8
Blue Exorcist volumes 1-13
Sailor Moon volumes 1-9
Big Hero 6 vol 1
Akame Ga Kill volumes 1-2
Void's Enigmatic Mansion volume 1 (not sure if this counts though :P)
Deadman Wonderland volumes 1-8
Sword Art Online Fairy Dance volumes 1-3
Sword Art Online Progressive volumes 1-2
Zelda volumes 1-10 
Assassination Classroom volumes 1-4
Attack on Titan volume 1
No Game No life volume 1
Howl's moving castle volumes 1-2
Tokyo Ghoul volume 1

I may have some catching up to do but's a start :P

So...there you have it :P A mini-update on what i'm up to rn. Now that I have no exams to study for I am literally doing nothing :')
Video games/manga/anime/general inter-netting has taken over my life :P

I hope that I should make a post soonish? (by that I mean in like 1 years time ahahaha)
buuuuuut lets see how that goes xD

Much love,

Laura xoxo