Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dress like an animal they would be fun they said....

Well hello there again ;)
Doing my post a bit earlier today as I have a lot to do tonight >.< *cries*
Yet again I had no idea what to post so I thought I would just talk about last week when I dressed up as an animal for college =^.^=

It all started a long time ago in a castle....(Okay maybe not xD)
I had heard about my college having a dress as an animal day! I thought it was such a GOOD idea :D I had 2 weeks to plan it, and I decided I was gonna be a...*drumroll*...CAT!
(haha how original)
maybe I just wanted an excuse to dress up :') hehe but I thought i would do it. It was for charity, so I had really wanted to do it. :)
I thought it would be quite simple! BUT NO
I only wanted to dress in black, buy ears and get my face painted in media makeup.
BUT MY MUM made much more of a big deal about it D:

  • She made me an awesome tail that she sewn onto leggings (But for this I had to wreck my warm black scarf D: I kinda told her last minute (lol oops) and there was no time for anything else)
  • ~side note~ I also had to borrow leggings from her. D: mine must have ran away because they are NOOOOwhere to be found lololol (thanks again mum!)
  • She let me borrow her socks which had an awesome design (okay thanks for that one mum!)
  • She suggested I buy this cat hoodie that was £10 O.O (from asda) It wouldn't have been as bad if i wasn't meeting my friends to go to Liverpool THAT VERY weekend *sad face*

I already had a collar, and despite my attempts to actually get off my couch (VERY hard work hehe!) and go and find a bell for my collar, there wasn't a one to be found :( Of course I tried looking for a cat collar, the shops either had none whatsoever or it was really expensive :( SO THERE WENT THAT IDEA

I was so nervous the day before because I knew I would just look so stupid XD I get the bus to college and I couldn't imagine the kind of looks I would get xD
I kept saying to my mum "DOES IT LOOK OKAY??!!"
she was just like "yeah fine"
then she just kinda pushed me out the door saying "go on then! MEOW!"
Walking to the bus stop I nearly DIED. When the bus came my heart was beating SO fast :') Everywhere I went i just heard "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" which sorta put me off. But as my friend joked, it was "FURR a good cause" 


Not as many people as I had thought were doing it and I kinda felt left out :( haha oh well. I still raised a little money (ANNDDD i may of hid in the toilets until my friends came xD)
One of my friends came with me and we got our faces painted :) I was 5 mins late to my english class, and when i got there my teacher just stared at me 
I was just like "sorry, i had to queue for this..."
He just laughed -.-
Then on top of that he went around the room asking people for a narrative idea, and he asked me what the worst day of my life was. I was just like "TODAY! BECAUSE I HAD TO COME INTO COLLEGE ON THE BUS IN THIS!" was quite funny :')
WELP to conclude, that was quite a fun day but I can't really say that I would be doing it again in a hurry :')
I got to leave early that day, so I was only there till half 12 :)

umm....yeah. If you would like any more weird/embarrasing stories O.o lolol let me know :)
okay bye for now! I'll probably post tomorrow!
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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