Saturday, 7 December 2013


Sorry this one is up reeaallly late today :(
BUT AT LEAST I know what I wanna talk about today ;D hehe

So today I went shopping :) I went to my local shopping centre and a place called Ormskirk (not that far away from mine)
I went with my friend :) she ended up finding a few...*ahem* 8....books! O.O :')
But I thought I would make a list on the few things that I got :)

1. A cute Husky teddy! :)

I found this for £1 in one of the charity shops and I just thought it was SO cute :)
haha I swear i'm 16!

2. This GORGEOUS candle!

I actually have this little candle burning in my room right now! It got it from a shop called b&m and it was only 99p :') SO OBVIOUSLY I HAD to have it ;D

3. An impulse body spray!

This one is called into glamour, it is just SO lovely :) hehe I got this from from bodycare and it was 99p

4. Assassin's creed book- Brotherhood

Okayy... I have the first assassins creed book, I got it in asda quite cheap, and I always thought that I NEEDED the others. Although, only being sold in expensive bookshops I didn't think I had a chance :(

HOWEVER when i came back to my local shopping centre. They had this book for only £2 when it would of been £5.99 elsewhere. SUCH a good find :)

The only other things I bought was lunch (Probs not that interesting anyways! ahaha)
but yeah :)
Hope you enjoyed todays post! ;D hehe
I'll most probably post tomorrow!
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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