Thursday, 12 December 2013

I have returned :)

I'm baccccccck!!!!!
Haha sorry for not posting yesterday :P
Don't worry I haven't given up on this blog! (yet, lol jkjkjkjk)

I was gonna post yesterday, buuuttttt I had a mock exam that I had to revise for and I felt quite ill :(
BUT DON'T WORRY :) I'm gonna make two posts in one day sometime next week to make it up to you's!

If you were wondering how my exam went, yeah it went great! :) So hopefully I passed!
I just have ONE MORE exam to do, a bit of coursework and then CHRISTMAS BREAK :D
where I will try to post everyday again if I can :)
With my last post I stated that I was doing so well with posting everyday...maybe I spoke too soon O.O

So this post was just an update on whats going on, and mainly to let you know i'm not giving up on it or anything :') haha I was just quite busy.

Sooo there you have it....i'm not dead :P hehe

I will try to post tomorrow, just bear with me, hehe :3 (I just have an awkward week >.<)
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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