Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds!

Hey guys!
I know i said i would post yesterday, and i'm sorry I didn't :(
I wanted to make a post about the presents I got (Thank you family + friends ^.^ hehe)
and one about A link between worlds
BUT as I got it with the gold ds, I had a download code, and it didn't work ALL that day :'(
I guess it was just busy due to everyone being on the site on Christmas day!
BUT FORTUNATELY super mum saved it this morning! :) She worked it out and I have spent about 80% of the day playing it! :)
I kinda just lost heart with making my posts i guess :( plus family didn't want me on my computer for ages :(
and i'm sorry I haven't made two posts yet, BUT DO NOT WORRY! :)

Okay so after one day of playing this AMAZING game, I feel like I can write a little review to the people who maybe are thinking about getting it or the people just wondering what its like :)
I WAS REALLY GUTTED that I didn't get the game box but to get the gold ds (my favourite colour!)
That meant just having to just download it :( *sigh*
If you loved all the old Zelda games (gameboy style)
then you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this! :)
It's like a much newer version of the old zelda games! :)
I felt like the first Zelda game for the 3ds, while still being just as awesome, was a bit slower pace, whereas his game just gets straight into the action! :)
I've made my mum jealous too haha ;) she used to play all the old zelda games, along with my brother because they were huge gaming fans :)
Then here I am YEARS later, playing this one :)
I gotta say I LOVE THIS GAME SO FAR! :)
better than I expected to be honest!

*note* my old red 3ds xl I have kindly donated to my mum :) she had the aqua 3ds and really wanted the bigger ds :) FAREWELL RED DS! ITS BEEN NICE SHARING ANIMAL CROSSING EXPERIENCES WITH YOU! haha :)

I haven't uploaded an pictures and i'm sorry :(
It's getting quite late and I have A LOT to tidy :(
I'll most probably post tomorrow though!
Much love,

Laura xoxo <3

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